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The Procedure

Once you have decided to at least consider adult foster placement for your loved one, I would recommend  that you look at several. It is good to get a sense of how the different homes in the area operate.

Once you find a good fit, in terms of services provided, feel of the home and fit with the owners and staff, then an assessment is made. The assessment is usually made where the resident is currently staying. A form is used that is published by the Oregon Department of Human Services. This form is used to evaluate your loved one for the type of ADLs they will need assistance with and at what level.

Your provider should then give you a proposed contract based upon the assessment. While all contracts are required to address certain topics, and all contracts are required to be on File with the office of Seniors and Disability services, there is no boiler plate for Adult Foster Homes. Each home is operated in accordance with the wishes of the owner.

If you come to terms on the agreement, the provider will ask for documents required to be kept on file. There are state required forms to sign, and a move in date needs to be negotiated.

Beyond that, you are your way to experiencing the most dignified approach to caring for seniors that exists in our country.

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