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What is an Adult Foster Home?

Oregon is a pioneer in developing services for the elderly and disabled. The Senior and Disabled Services Division (SDSD ) is the product of legislation passed in 1981 with the intent of promoting the values of “independence, dignity, privacy and choice” for Oregon’s frail elderly and persons with disabilities. Adult Foster Homes resulted from an effort to provide alternatives to nursing home placements that were so costly. The Adult foster Home also is intended to appeal to persons and their families for whom nursing home placement is not a preferred personal option.

Adult Foster Homes are licensed according to Class; Class I, Class II and Class III. The classes are determined by the level of care required by the resident according to activities of daily living (ADL). Activities of daily living are care activities such as dressing, bathing, toileting,  grooming, meal preparation, medications management and mobility. For each ADL a person is determined to be “independent”, meaning the resident can complete the task alone, “Assistance” means the resident needs assistance or a reminder to complete the task, and “Dependent” means the resident is unable to accomplish the task without assitance.

Class I means that the provider may only admit residents who require assistance with not more than 4 ADLs.

Class II means that the provider may care for residents who require assistance in all ADLs, but are dependent in no more than 3.

Class III means that the provider may care for residents who are dependent in four or more ADLs. This provider may also care for residents in Hospice.

In Oregon, Adult Foster Homes are licensed for a maximum of five residents.

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