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Memory Care Facilities

Willamette Senior Services Adult Foster Homes are memory care facilities.  The means that we have experience and have specialized in caring for residents with dementia and other types of memory impairment.

Anna House Adult Foster Home is located at 3215 Park Terrace in West Albany.

Blair House Adult Foster Home is located at 1320 Lakewood Drive.

Farm Country Care is located at 3307 Independence Hiway NW in Albany

All  are Class III homes. For an appointment, call 541 928-1041.

Why the names?

Sue and Jerry McIntosh moved to the Albany community in 1994. Jerry came to be the Nursing Director for Albany General hospital. When they came here they brought Jerry’s mother and both of Sue’s parents.. They lived together in a farmhouse on the outskirts of town. Sue and jerry gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges of caring for seniors as their parents advanced through the aging process.

Coincidentally, both Sue and Jerry’s mother had the maiden name of Blair. Blair house is dedicated in their honor for the profound influence they have had on both our lives.

Anna’s House is named for our first grand-daughter.

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